Nordstrand Camping - En verden til ferie

Day trips

  • Nordsøen Ocenarium
  • Fårup Sommerland
  • Aalborg
  • Göteborg
  • Læsø

Exepriences everywhere

If you’re planning a day trip, here are a couple of interesting suggestions:

Nordsøen Ocenarium in Hirtshals. Northern Europe’s biggest aquarium with 4.5 million litres of water! Almost 3,000 species of fish, and not least the sealarium, where visitors can see the seals being fed daily. It’s about 50 km or almost an hour’s drive to Hirtshals. Tickets can be purchased with discount at reception.

Fårup Sommerlander Close to the beach and yet all the way in the forest you will find the amusement park, Fårup Sommerland. In 2014, Fårup Sommerland was elected as both Denmark’s Best Summer Holiday Area and Best Amusement Park and is one of Denmark’s largest tourist attractions with plenty of wild, fun and crazy water activities for the whole family. You will find everything from wild roller coasters and a children’s theme park to Denmark’s largest and wettest water world!

Fårup Sommerland is only 60 minutes’ drive from Nordstrand Camping.There’s also a direct bus from Nordstrand Camping to Fårup Sommerland. Tickets can be purchased with discount at reception.

Visit the big cities

Aalborg city offers you the area’s biggest shopping options with the malls in the city centre and the many specialty shops in the shopping centre “City Syd“. Aalborg is also home to Aalborg Zoo, The Marine Museum and the art gallery “Kunsten” It’s about 60 km to Aalborg on the motorway.

Gothenburg with the Stena Line is also a possibility for a day trip. The favourable Swedish krona exchange rate makes it attractive to shop in one of the big centres in Gothenburg.

A trip to Liseberg will definitely be a hit with the children.

A visit to the Kattegat island of Læsø can be made by ferry from Frederikshavn. There are guided tours on bicycle or by bus, or you can set your own itinerary. We’re happy to help with ferry times and information on trips to Læsø and Gothenburg.