Additional purchase: Activity package

Buy the Activity package when camping in your own caravan or tent

aktivitets-pakke galleri
Book your camping holiday for a minimum of 2 days in weeks 27 to 33 and buy the Activity package to enjoy excellent discounts on popular activities and shower facilities.
  • The Activity package contains:

  • • FREE access to the FunHouse

  • • FREE access to the swimming pool

  • • FREE mini golf (children must be accompanied by an adult)

  • • FREE use of showers

NB! Without the Activity package
the FunHouse costs DKK 55,-
per child per day!

The Activity package is an additional purchase, i.e. the prices listed do not include overnight accommodation in a caravan or tent.

  • Price of Activity package (per person per day):

  • For 8 days or more:
    DKK 20,- per day
  • For 7 days
    DKK 24,- per day
  • For 6 days
    DKK 28,- per day
  • For 5 days
    DKK 32,- per day
  • For 4 days
    DKK 36,- per day
  • For 3 days
    DKK 38,- per day
  • For 2 days
    DKK 40,- per day


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