Nordstrand Camping - En verden til ferie


  • Wireless internet
  • Family bathroom and baby bath
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry
  • Car wash area and auto camper service
  • TV room
  • Quick stop
  • Barbecue with tables and benches
  • Put and Take lakes only 2 km from the site

Easy to enjoy

At Nordstrand Camping we want you to have a good time. Therefore we have all the facilities to make it easy for you and your family to enjoy your holiday. And you’ll quickly learn to appreciate them!

For the families with children we offer you some special family bathrooms with baby bath and more. On the camping site you will also find kitchens, laundry, barbecues and everything you need to just enjoy your vacation.

Practical information

The Kiosk on the site is open all days in the period 3.4 – 16.8. Here you can also buy bread for breakfast in the weekends (not in the periode 13/4-8/5), holidays and in the summer vacation (week 27-33). From 16.8 the kiosk is close, but there is only 400 m to Fakta supermarket.

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